Everything Sports In The Palm of Your Hand With the CBS Sports App


If there’s one thing we all love, it’s our smartphone. It’s an invaluable window into how the rest of the world is going, access to our favorite media, and it’s a lifeline, really. Now, you can integrate sports into your social media and phone calls—just launch the CBS Sports app and you’re basically in the game.

Look, there’s absolutely nothing more convenient than our phones nowadays. You can access everything with a few taps on a piece of glass, it’s amazing! The only thing is, it’s been leaving sports behind for far too long. That’s when CBS made some creative decisions that turned the whole sports following process on its head (in the best possible way). Now, you can track your games in real-time, get updates, and follow players outside of just the game. With the CBS Sports app, you’re going to be more in the know than ever before.

When you’re out and about (and yes, even out at dinner or at family functions) you can check on things without anyone knowing. Stay up to date on the scores and latest information without upsetting the missus. Don’t worry; CBS Sports has you covered.


There’s no better free Android sports app available today. Nobody but CBS Sports gives you top coverage, all on a sports scores app that doesn’t have any competition. Most of us who want top coverage already tune into CBS Sports, but now, you can just rely on your sidekick, the one who’s always on you and ready for anything: your smartphone.