Information on Clover 2.0

Clover 2.0 is a major rewrite that adds unique and new functionality to help your team to get the most out of their testing effort. The resulting reports will give you the powerful insight into your testing. You can now see not only what sections of code were covered by your tests but also what tests hit what code. The new Cloud Reports of Clover let you quickly and easily access the strength and weakness in your testing suite which will ultimately help you to prioritize your testing effort.

Clover 2 mainly provides sophisticated source level of HTML reports. You can quickly drill down to your test suite to see the effective results of all the individual tests along with information about which code will hit each test. From that report, you can able to see the actual source lines hit by the test. In-page controls allow you to toggle the coverage annotations from all tests that hit a particular class. At any line in the source, you can easily click on it to get a popup showing all the tests that can hot the particular line and their pass/fail status.

So, upgrading to Clover 2.0 is free now for all the customers having an active Clover software maintenance at date of launch. Some highlights and essential points of Clover 2.0:

Coverage by Test care: Each of the source file of Clover 2.0 displays that which tests hit to which line of code. So, when select test cases, the lines that the test case executed are highlighted. Same, when you click on a source line, that tests hit that particular line are displayed.

Coverage Cloud Reports: This will give an instant overview of any specific parts of your projects. All classes in the project are displayed in a single page and highlighted to inform you about the risks of the project or also let you know about the potential coverage improvement.

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